Keep sipping on #SHETea

Wow, oh, wow! What an absolutely amazing experience we had at the 4th annual SHE Tea: Women’s Wellness Conference. As a mentor, presenter, small business owner, or sister in the space, thank you for what you deposited into this sacred experience.

Now, it’s time to pour into you…

Be intentional about reflecting on the relationships that were formed, smiles that were exchanged, and wisdom that was acquired. Protect your “GO Plan” in your heart’s memory, and make meaningful steps towards your purposed destination. Sure, it will be tempting to go back to “life/business as usual,” especially since you are operating in a world that did not experience the absolute awesome we engaged in this weekend. But that’s where you get to raise the standard.


Don’t let your drive, drive you away from enjoying life.

And be careful not to out-pace your peace. Instead, demand better for you and for those around you by:

  • Confiding in and learning from your tribe of mentors and mentees;
  • Intentionally making self-care a lifestyle, and not just a few sporadic visits to the gym;
  • Daily feeding your confidence by affirming your purpose and your beauty; and
  • Aspiring to live life abundantly in all that you eat, drink, and do.

To keep you going in the right direction, here’s the soundtrack to the SHE Tea experience. Koryn Hawthorne’s “Won’t He Do It,” inspired the vibe of the space (thank you, Let’s Have a Ball decor!) and influenced the remaining 40 songs on the list. These tracks were on repeat as we prepared for, prayed for, and partook in this year’s conference. 

Soak in this inspiration at work, at home, in the car–wherever you need to be reminded that, despite where you may be now,

Life abundantly is within reach. 

Enjoy this second sip of #SHETea as you pour into you. #Yougogirl. 


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