SHE Tea 2020: Interviews

2019 Ms. Black Florida Tamara "Tam G" Smith hosted several interviews on joy, grace, purpose, mentorship, and more, as we prepared for SHE Tea 2020!

SHE TEA 2018: Video Clips

Video Clips Captured by Connected Online Magazine Dr. AshaDr. Asha is a Creator of Healthy Conversations. She is passionate about inspiring women to be their best selves, do their best work, and live life abundantly! To learn more about Dr. Asha, go to www.doctorasha.com/bio. Order Dr. Asha’s Bookc: Click here to order Dr. Asha’s book or other great wellness resources from our boutique! www.doctorasha.com/speaking

Keep sipping on #SHETea

Wow, oh, wow! What an absolutely amazing experience we had at the 4th annual SHE Tea: Women’s Wellness Conference. As a mentor, presenter, small business owner, or sister in the space, thank you for what you deposited into this sacred experience. Now, it’s time to pour into you… Be intentional about reflecting on the relationships that were formed, smiles that were exchanged, and wisdom that was acquired. Protect your “GO Plan” in your heart’s memory, and...