Never let your testimony go to waste

Antoinyce Mathis is a mother of children who spent many long weeks and months in the NICU. Her journey alone has taught us, “Never let your testimony go to waste.”

Antoinyce understands the often intimidating and hope-depleting position of being within those NICU walls. However, during her family’s NICU journey, God surrounded them with His love and with an overwhelming sense of hope and peace that she now wants to share with other families as they navigate their own NICU rollercoaster.

Notes of Hope from 6.27 is a line of hand-crafted specialty greeting cards with inspirational messages, based on Antoinyce’s NICU experience.

Notes of Hope from 6.27 is the expression of Antoinyce’s testimony, and it breathes hope into others traversing a similar path. These hand-crafted greeting cards are packaged in sets and are designed to help friends and family members minister to their loved ones while they journey through their NICU experience.

Follow Notes of Hope from 6.27 on Facebook as they reflect throughout Prematurity Awareness Month (November).

As most NICU experiences last for several weeks (and some for several months), loved ones are encouraged to stay connected and provide a continual flow of HOPE to those who are in the NICU by sending greeting cards on a regular basis as a simple note to say “I am here with you!”

The life journey is full of so many places to be thankful for our testimonies. In this interview with 2019 Ms. Black Florida, Tamara G. Smith, Antoinyce shares how her journey has been guided by grace. How will you use your testimony?

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