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SHE Tea 2020: Interviews

2019 Ms. Black Florida Tamara "Tam G" Smith hosted several interviews on joy, grace, purpose, mentorship, and more, as we prepared for SHE Tea 2020!

5 Daily Reminders for Your “Stay Home” Routine

We have been quarantined for so long that the days are running together. The joke on social media is that there are only 3 days on the calendar now: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. [1] To maintain our sanity, optimism, and well-being during this time, we must stick to daily routines. Here are some healthy steps you should take each day… Poop Daily  Going “Number 2” tells us how well the body is handling stress. A healthy...

Help for neckaches and backaches in 10 minutes

Many of us are working more and moving less, especially as we work from home. I did a quick video of 9 exercises you can do in 10 minutes. These exercises pump blood through the joints, which helps to decrease aches and stiffness. Scroll down for the video. I also added 3 bonus exercises. I use these exercises to target my midback, low back, and Sciatica flare-ups. To watch the bonus exercises, skip ahead to...

How to be a healthy entrepreneur

As small business owners, we adopt the societal and financial pressure to grind all day and hustle all night. (I hate both of those words, by the way: hustle and grind. What kind of living is that?!) However

Is it time to move your mug?

I originally had my mug in the cupboard, tucked safely away with my other favorite vestibules for warm, liquid goodness. :). Every time I opened the cupboard to use it… I was instantly taken back to the empowerment, encouragement, and release I experienced at SHE Tea 2018. Recently, I was putting clean dishes into the cupboard, and I realized that my mug had somehow gotten pushed further back. Perhaps I had left it out of...