Forgiveness is a favor for your FUTURE

I get it, forgiveness is hard!

Many times we get mentally hooked on experiences and decisions we have had throughout our lives. Therefore, these experiences may have made us change something about ourselves, our perspective on life or our view on the things that lie ahead. These could also be decisions that we made in life that caused a negative outcome, or created a twist in our path in life that was highly unexpected. We hold a grudge, and we wish that things could have worked out differently. Many times it is repeated that this is the reason why I am_____. But is it though?

When we become mentally fixed on things and replay them in our mind, we hinder our future decisions, experiences and successes. We decide to torment ourselves by worrying, overthinking and ruminating over things that are no longer in our reality. Why? Why not, forgive those individuals and circumstances that made a negative change in our life? Instead, allow them to be building blocks to a better future.

Pay it to yourself and your personal well being!

Forgiveness is a favor for your future. It allows you to move forward with a peaceful mind and understanding that things can, and will, get better. Instead of being a crumpled up version of who you wish to be, forgiveness allows you to be who you truly are. Having a more peaceful mindset and positive perspective allows you to open up to new opportunities that may arise. Not being mentally preoccupied with things that have occurred, allows you to be more in tune and attentive to the tasks at hand.

God has a lot to offer us as His children on earth. We are His creation and He wants us to prosper and live abundantly. In many cases, we are our own enemy. We are are holding ourselves back by not forgiving ourselves, or others. Forgive and move forward. Forgiveness is NEVER for another person, always for yourself and your inner peace. So do your future a favor and forgive, God needs your hands and heart wide open to receive all that He has to offer you in this world. Believe that!

3 Responses to “Forgiveness is a favor for your FUTURE

  • Nurse Lauren!!

    Peace is my word for this season in life. So I was prompted to come back and re-read these lovely thoughts. I never realized how much I can be harboring in my soul when I am not forgiving of others, including myself. The world moves so fast, that we often layer issue upon issue and don’t slow down long enough to sort out, think about, process, and soak in what it means to have had certain experiences–especially those times when I need to forgive me. Thank you for bringing that into the spotlight, so I can grow from having forgiven others and myself in the process.

  • Michelle Davis
    6 years ago

    Nurse Lauren,

    Very true!! I’m so much happier when I just forgive and move on. I find that I “forget” others wrongs against me very quickly… The trick will be getting my husband to forgive those people as well! Haha!

    • Haha! Yes, family & friends often hold on to wrongs against us longer than we do! I’m learning how to NOT be that friend. It’s so hard when someone you love has been hurt, though. I’m still growing in that area. 🙂

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