Win at Life in 2018–Get the Right Coach!

There are few things that make or break a team like having the right coach.


The coach is the visionary, the mentor, the honest feedback, and the encouraging word just when you need it.


Once we leave organized sports in high school and college, many of us leave these life-changing role models behind. But why? Our favorite singers have coaches, our most beloved actors have coaches, and our revered athletes have coaches, yet we—individuals trying to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others—consent to doing awesome alone.


If coaches help us overcome our most difficult challenges, push us to be our best selves, and guide us to heights beyond our own imaginations…


Then why don’t we carry coaches with us into adulthood, and even into our everyday lives? John Maxwell, world renown leadership educator and author of Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn* encourages,


 “One is too small a number to achieve greatness.”


Your dream is too big to accomplish alone, so stop putting yourself under that unrealistic pressure. If you really want to maximize your potential this year, if you want to make a meaningful investment with an invaluable return, get the right coach on your team. No matter what areas you desire to strengthen—personal life, finances, self-care, career, relationships, etc.—getting the right coach on your team can help you win.


To help you pursue this year with no regrets, Temple Fit did the hard work for you. As our new year’s gift to you, below are a few fan favorite coaches, listed by specialty. Tell them Temple Fit sent you to get more wins! 🙂

Financial Coaches

Lance Ball-Realtor & Wealth Educator

About: I focus mainly on debt reduction and optimizing monthly income, through budgeting, to build good habits that will lead to wealth generation.

Contact: Call 850-464-4232. 



Melanie Stuckey-Mortgage Broker

About: Melanie is one of the few people in Tallahassee, FL, that can go down to a 560 credit score for approvals on obtaining a mortgage—she takes a one-on-one approach with every client.

Contact: http://www.innovativemortgage.com/contact-us/. 



Michelle Davis-Financial Educator

About: I am a financial coach who helps families become debt free and financially independent…and I do it at no cost to them!

Contact: MichelleLynnDavis@primerica.com.




Fitness & Exercise Coaches

Body-Appreciation Exercise Classes

Ageless Grace®  with Marghi McClearn

About: This is a seated practice for stability and range of motion, participants work the core of the body to improve strength and balance, activating all 5 areas of the brain — and addressing 21 different “aging factors” in the body!

Contact: www.marghisjoy.com.


“Groove and Wellness” with Valerie Sanchez

About: People who are in leadership, entrepreneurs, holistic practitioners, artists and community builders appreciate and love my classes because I teach them how to workout from the inside out.

Contact: For class schedule and to book a class, visit www.grooveandwellness.com/class-schedule.



Classes for Unique Populations

“Fitness on Purpose” with Tammy Peterson

About: Tammy works more with the special populations—those that are trying to regain functional movement while losing weight and toning. (i.e. elderly, people with arthritis, back issues, lupus, and other conditions). She will come to you!

Contact: fitnessonpurpose15@gmail.com.


Dance-Inspired Exercise Classes

“Chocolate Waisted Fitness” with Jasmin Richardson-Sutton

About: Jasmin’s classes are more like a fun, fitness family! Check out her schedule on the Facebook page.

Contact: Facebook Page: “Zumba with Chocolate Waisted Fitness”.



“Juicey Experience” with Brandy La’Sha Anderson White

About: I offer a place where women from all walks of life can let loose without judgement—my classes include Zumba, Hip Hop and Down South twerking.

Contact: Facebook Page: “The Juicey Experience”.


“Zumba with Jinan” with Jinan As-Saddiq

About: Jinan has fun and engaging classes that compliment your busy lifestyle. Check out her schedule on the Facebook page.

Contact: Facebook Page: “Zumba with Jinan”.


Faith-Inspired Exercise Classes

“ALL’N Fitness” with Chazmen Geames

About: We teach that your body is your gym, and training for us is a declaration of our aspiration to achieve personal supremacy and influence society to create more birthdays.

Contact: www.ALLN247.com or download our app “ALLN 24/7”



“Faithful + Fit” with Natasha Miller

About: Natasha hosts faith-inspired & empowering fitness workouts with health coaching to help turn wellness goals into achievable actions.

Contact: Get her class schedule via faithfulplusfit@gmail.com.



“Gospel Zumba Fitness & Inspiration” with Shelitta Howard

About: This is where prayer, praise, and worship meet fitness!

Contact: Book classes for your church or organization via gospelzumbainspiration@gmail.com.




Life & Career Coaches


Dr. Asha-Success Coaching for College & Young Adult Women

About: Dr. Asha equips young women to do their best work, be their best selves, and live life abundantly.

Contact: Book Dr. Asha for a keynote engagement, success workshop, or writing feature, http://www.doctorasha.com/get-in-touch/.



Kristie Kennedy- Image Consulting and Women’s Worth & Wellness Expert

About: Kristie provides confidence and clarity coaching to visionary leaders who are ready to shift from stuck to unstoppable!

Contact: www.queenfidence.com.



Professor LaTanya White- Entrepreneurial Coach and Educator

About: Prof. LaTanya White invites you to learn more about how you can begin your own journey to Becoming FEARLESS by downloading a free copy of the first chapter of her book by the same name at http://latanyawhite.biz/freebook.

Contact: http://latanyawhite.biz.



Roseland “Roz” Booker-Designed Life Coach

About: The goal of Designed Life Coaching is to help people live their lives by design and not by circumstances.

Contact: 614-286-7275



Mental & Emotional Health Coaches

Dr. Anika Fields-Christian & Traditional Psychology

About: With over 30 years in the profession, Dr. Fields has a way of making clients feel like they can tell her anything.

Contact: Fields Psychotherapy & Consulting, LLC at anika.c.fields@gmail.com



Self-Care & Wellness Coaches

Coach Denise Simpson-Holistic Health Practitioner

About: Coach Denise works with corporations, non-profit organizations, groups and individuals, bringing a comprehensive holistic approach to workplace wellness, nutrition and lifestyle management.

Contact: Coachdenise@mylifehealthy.com. 



The Temple Fit Company, LLC-Wellness Empowerment Partners

About: Whether it’s chiropractic in your home or office, wellness lifestyle coaching in your conference room, or Health by the Bible© training for your congregation—we help you and those around you live well and prosper. Enjoy this free trial of our “No Regrets Resolution” personal wellness course: bit.ly/freetrial-noregrets.

Contact: http://templefit.co/about-us-2/



Spiritual Wellness Coaches

Dr. Diane M. Lazare- Builder, Leader, & Motivator

About: With the Spirit Led Life, my desire is to never see women operate less than they desire.

Contact: docdi@thespiritled.com.




Did we miss a coach you think should be on the list?

Leave us a comment with his/her contact information, and we will reach out to your favorite coach too!







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6 Responses to “Win at Life in 2018–Get the Right Coach!

  • I’m SUPER EXCITED about the Temple Fit movement. Dr. Asha’s is pioneer in her own right. Her passion for whole community wellness shines through every where she goes! Always helping – Always serving, Yes! That’s Dr. Asha. I am delighted to serve with YOU!


  • Dr. Asha Fields Brewer
    6 years ago

    Coach Denise!! It has been an honor to educate, equip, and empower alongside you. We are so excited to feature you in this article of coaches who win!!

  • Thank you Dr. Asha for creating this valuable platform to inspire more individuals on the importance of becoming their best selves every single day!

    • Dr. Asha Fields Brewer
      6 years ago

      Every day is a blessing. It is up to us to do our best at being our best, so we can enjoy it! Thank you for being a winning coach to so many!

  • I am amazed by this! I am honored and very happy to be a part of this incredible lineup. This directory is a wonderful contribution to our Tallahassee community! Thank you Temple Fit for having this vision, planning it and executing it 🙂 Groove and Wellness is happy to manifest with you!

    • Dr. Asha Fields Brewer
      6 years ago

      We just HAD to make sure you were on this list of resources for the community. We can’t wait to help people win with you!!

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