Is it time to move your mug?

I originally had my mug in the cupboard, tucked safely away with my other favorite vestibules for warm, liquid goodness. :). Every time I opened the cupboard to use it…

I was instantly taken back to the empowerment, encouragement, and release I experienced at SHE Tea 2018.

Recently, I was putting clean dishes into the cupboard, and I realized that my mug had somehow gotten pushed further back.

Kinda like this…tehe.

Perhaps I had left it out of the rotation lately? Perhaps I had forgotten about it all together? What about the action plan I set at SHE Tea last year? Had it become synonymous with my mug, slowly fading behind other tasks and falling out of “top of mind” rotation?

Well, I ran into someone a week ago who had attended SHE Tea. One of the first things she said to me was,

“I still have my mug!”

I was held accountable in that space to truly become who I set out to be, who I believed I could be, who God strategically designed me to be when we held up our mugs together and said, “You GO Girl!”

Women connecting to their “GO!” at SHE Tea 2018

Since then, my mug has a new home…and a new outfit! She is sitting on my bathroom counter, dressed with purple flowers and greenery. Every morning and every evening, I am reminded “You GO Girl.” GO do it, GO be it, GO live life abundantly.

Even further, I know we are stronger and more powerful when we GO together

Mentoring sessions from SHE Tea 2018

So let’s band together at the 5th Annual SHE Tea Women’s Wellness Conference on Saturday, June 29, 2019. We will go “From Overwhelm to Overflow” as we have real conversations with real women about real life.

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