Energy, Mindfulness and the Body

“Your energy steps into the room before you do”- Kristie Kennedy

As an empath navigating in the world as someone who is highly sensitive to others emotions to the point where I absorb/feel them is something that plays a large role into my day-to-day. According to Dr.Judith Orloff who specialises on empath research says that ‘empaths perceive negativity as exhausting compared to others, and their bodes flourish when surrounded by peace and love. Whether you consider yourself a highly sensitive person or not the thoughts and feelings that we experience as our overall outlook on the day are reflected physically and/or in our actions.

Everything we think, say or do and the types of vibes that are cycling around us can also affect our mind and body. Mental health is physical health. Taking time to notice how our body feels and responds to different stimuli can allow us more control and awareness into what our body is trying to tell us. Also, learning how you can choose to let negative emotions flow through you and not become you at the moment can help create peace in your day to day- not to mention feeling more in control.

Meditation is used to increase conscious awareness on the present moment.

I think energies are extremely important to understand as it usually does speak before you get a chance. Your mind, body and spirit all work together to create you ! I believe awareness is the first key to note something you wish to adjust/change followed by mindfulness and action. Mindfulness meditation is a tool I use (and highly endorse!) that helps me practice to remove judgement and be peaceful within the moment. I encourage you to take some time today to notice how energy affects your body language:

  • Breathing
    Breathing is the center of our body and mind. Your pace of breath can either calm the body or start the fight or flight response. When is the last time you praticed deep breathing ?
  • Walking
    Taking note of the way your body moves through natural movement is a great way to measure how one feels about themselves. When you are walking, take note of your posture, chin position, and stride. Do you feel comfortable in your skin ?
  • Confidence
    Your mind is a muscle just like the body confidence needs to be practiced as well. If you feel good about yourself and have a positive outlook people can feel it ! What situations make you the most confident? When do you feel self conscious? What does your body look and feel like?
  • Tense-ness
    When the body has increased levels of cortisol the body does not know the difference between the feeling of a car crash or a loud sudden noise- the body reacts the same. Your heart rate may increase, experience sweating, or clench your eyes, neck or jaw. Do you experience any of these symptoms ?

Your mind, body and spirit all work together to create you !

Jorlyse Dickens

I believe we all have the tools to take charge of how we are feeling and also take care of our bodies within the process. I think we should all take more focused control on the amount of stress that we take into our mind and bodies. Take care !

Jorlyse Dickens, Wellness Educator

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