Congratulations, Demarco!

We thought all of our AWESOME NEWS was reserved for last week. However, we’re rolling out the cartwheels and confetti today as well to say—




FSU Junior Demarco Lockart is studying Information Communication Technology

Digital Marketing Intern Demarco Lockhart is a junior Information Communication Technology student at FSU with a minor in Social Entrepreneurship


Digital marketing extraordinaire Demarco has been an intern with Temple Fit Co. & Temple Fit Health, Inc., since summer 2017. A 3rd-year Florida State University (FSU) Information Communication Technology student, Demarco customized this sparkling new website (you like?) and sent our SEO through the roof! (We’re still trying to grasp exactly what that means, but he ensures us that it’s good, very good. Just do a Google search for “Temple Fit Co,” and you’ll see Demarco’s awesomeness at work).


Demarco Lockhart lectures at FSU entrepreneurship class

Demarco stayed after his guest lecture on networking, internships, and creative entrepreneurship to motivate students from Florida State University’s entrepreneurship 101 course


Demarco also designed our first ever social media ad campaign for the #NoRegretsResolution and inspired a class full of budding entrepreneurs when Temple Fit Co. guest lectured for an FSU entrepreneurship 101 course last Fall.


Professor LaTanya White, Dr. Asha, and Demarco Lockhart inspire entrepreneurship students

After guest lecturing for Professor LaTanya White’s entrepreneurship class, self-care specialist Dr. Asha & Demarco couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a signature #bosspose. 

This summer, Temple Fit will lose Demarco, but we’re excited. Why? (Get your cartwheel muscles warmed up).

Because he was just selected as an FSU Tech Fellow!!


This highly competitive program pairs ambitious students with some of Florida’s top tech entrepreneurs, incubators, and startups.  He’ll spend his summer deeply intertwined with  “the everyday work of product development, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem building.” Next school year, he will present at the annual Fall Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence.

Demarco, we’re so proud of you!!  And we’re honored to have been a pit stop on your amazing journey. If you want to connect with Demarco for your web design or digital marketing needs check him out at Oba Creations.


Demarco Lockhart tells stories through film, short stories, and technology

Demarco is the chief creative officer behind Oba Creations. Demarco tells stories through film, short stories, and technology.



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