5 Daily Reminders for Your “Stay Home” Routine

We have been quarantined for so long that the days are running together. The joke on social media is that there are only 3 days on the calendar now: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. [1]

To maintain our sanity, optimism, and well-being during this time, we must stick to daily routines. Here are some healthy steps you should take each day…

Poop Daily 

Going “Number 2” tells us how well the body is handling stress. A healthy bowel movement (the PG term for “poop”) will occur at least once per day, and it will be relatively easy to pass. (Just think of dogs. They poop after every meal!) If you are pooping less than once per day, or if it is difficult to poop, then you should pay close attention to the following: water intake, physical activity, eating nutritious foods with fiber in them, and stress. 

If we are low in water, exercises, or nutritious foods, then our digestive system doesn’t break down food as easily. This can cause us to poop less often or to have more difficulty when pooping (constipation). Additionally, an increase in stress hormones can make it difficult to poop. So, slow down on the chips and cookies. When you snack, reach for the fruits, vegetables, and other foods with fiber in them. Move every day. Hydrate every day. And practice stress management techniques like online counseling, yoga, deep breathing.

Download as a reminder to yourself. Share as a reminder to others. 🙂

Sleep Daily 

Usually, our routines tell us it is time for bed. However, working from home can cause you to forget what time it is, or you may feel like you can stay up longer to get “all the things” done. When God created the world, He separated His days. Throughout Genesis Chapter 1, we see that “the evening and the morning were the first day,” or the second day, etc. We should follow His example. 

Getting up and going to bed every night puts parameters around the day. It allows us to reflect on the day we had, be grateful, and prepare for the day to come. To be your best self every day, power down every night and get some good sleep.  

Move Daily

Chances are, your home office is making your neck and backache something serious! When we sit at a desk all day, it is the equivalent of holding a squat for 8-10 hours (because I know some of you are taking lengthy workdays) and barely moving. Imagine how sore, stiff, and achy your thighs would be after that? Well, we’re doing the same thing to our neck, back, and hip muscles when we stay put at the desk all day, typing away and attending Zoom meetings. 

Move at least once every hour. Give yourself a 10-minute “body break” to use the restroom, stretch, or pick up a few items around the house. Additionally, it is super imperative that you stick to a daily exercise schedule. You’re not getting in those steps by walking around the office and roaming around the grocery store. But you can get them by working with these online fitness instructors. Motion is life. The more we move, the more alive we feel! 

Hydrate Daily

Because you aren’t moving around as much, you may not feel thirsty. But trust me, your body wishes you would drink plenty of water. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Nearly all of the major systems in the body depend on water.”[2] Water isn’t just for your muscles, but it also helps your nerves, blood cells, kidney, liver, lungs, and joints too. (And you already know it helps you poop!) Every cell in your body is doing its best to keep you sane and productive while you stay home and stay safe. Help them out by staying hydrated. Most adults should be taking in 11 or more cups of fluid per day through food and beverage to stay hydrated.

To help you drink plenty of water, aim to drink at least one cup (8 ounces) for every hour of your workday, until you’ve reached 8-10 cups of water. If you need a reminder, set a calendar notification or a timer. Save your juice and other non-water beverages until after you have met your water goal for the day. (Yes, you will have to pee, but you’re at home, and you’re helping your body stay healthy.)

Connect Daily

Life can seem like a roller coaster at times, especially now. We all need to be reminded that we are loved and appreciated. This grounds us and keeps stress at bay.  In fact, oxytocin, the bonding hormone, is released when we connect with others. And this bonding hormone works to lower the stress hormone (cortisol). So we should be intentional in letting our loved ones know that they are appreciated. [3] Take time to write a letter, make a phone call, or meet for a video chat. 

Most importantly, stay connected to your faith. Pray for yourself and for others. Ask God for guidance and encouragement. Pause to appreciate moments of peace, love, and hope. Digest each day with God.

You’re invited…

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