Help for neckaches and backaches in 10 minutes

Many of us are working more and moving less, especially as we work from home. I did a quick video of 9 exercises you can do in 10 minutes. These exercises pump blood through the joints, which helps to decrease aches and stiffness. Scroll down for the video.

Download as a reminder to you. Share as a reminder to others. 🙂

I also added 3 bonus exercises. I use these exercises to target my midback, low back, and Sciatica flare-ups. To watch the bonus exercises, skip ahead to these times in the video:

  • Midback (shoulder blade squeezes), starts at 12:44.
  • Low back and Sciatic Nerve flare-ups (Piriformis stretch) starts at 14:48.
  • Low back and legs (Hamstring PNF/PIR stretch) starts at 17:50.

The full video is below. Or you can watch the video at this link.


As I stated many times in the video, check with your doctor before doing any new physical routines. Even if I’m your doctor, check with me. 🙂 Also, until further notice, we are not taking any new house call chiropractic patients. Stay safe and stay home.

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