#GoPlayList: 5 Songs for the Last Leg

Nothing gets you moving like the right music.

Whether it’s buzzing through laundry on a Saturday morning, or busting a move in the mirror before you head out for the day

Music sets the pace for the lives we live.

Music can also make the hardest workout, even the hardest day, not completely suck! So we’ve summoned up our DJ skills (eer-eh, eer-eh), and curated our favorite playlist for the last leg. Think of that final block of your two-mile run. Or pushing the bike you bought for the new year up one last hill. Imagine the last half hour of work on a Friday, before you bum-rush the parking lot!

If you need an extra boost during that last leg…we’ve got you!

Check out the full #GoPlayList: Last Leg on YouTube. We’re giving you the perfect tunes to dig deep and bring it home. Add these songs to your favorite streaming app to get you through the final stretch. Take a listen, and let us know what you think! (Your suggestions may pop-up on next month’s #GoPlayList)!

#1 // Rocky Balboa Theme Song
Motivating lyric: “Getting strong now. Won’t be long now. Getting strong now.”

#2// “I’m Not Tired Yet” by the Mississippi Mass Choir
Motivating lyric: “No (no, I’m not tired yet).”

#3// “Get Your Blessing” by Mary Mary
Motivating lyric: “But if you wanna get what you never got, gotta do something that you never done.”

#4// “You Can’t Stop Me” by Andy Mineo
Motivating lyric: “I got two choices when I do this, make moves or make excuses.”

#5// “Round of Applause” by Lecrae featuring B.o.B.
Motivating lyric: “Round of applause, round of applause. Congratulations, we beat them odds.”

What tunes did we forget? Add to this #GoPlayList in the comments below!!

2 Responses to “#GoPlayList: 5 Songs for the Last Leg

  • So cool! I worked out today 🙌🏾 I’ve heard 3 out of 5. I’ll have to check the other two out.

    • Hooray! #4 is perfect for getting through any not-so-fun task. Dishes? #4. High intensity workout? #4. Wash day? #4. Tehe. Hope you enjoy the rest of the list. Let us know what we should include for February’s round-up!

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