Change is good, change is God

He would not sow a seed in your mind if He did not see himself bringing it into fruition.

Making any type of change can be stomach-wrenching. But change is necessary for us to progress and be successful in life. Change happens without us even noticing it sometimes, but most times we do and we overthink and overreact. Recently, my life has consisted of MANY changes, all that have made me to be a better woman, a better nurse, and a better person overall.

The first change of many was moving to Georgia right after graduation. And when I mean right after, it was 2 weeks after…. yikes! Moving away from family, away from the state I had known to be home all my 23 years of living, it was a scary yet necessary move. I started my job as a Hematology/Leukemia nurse at Emory, and have recently made another change….

Now I am an Emergency Room Nurse!


After reading tips online about being an ER nurse, panicking about being an ER nurse and even becoming nauseated over the thought of becoming an ER nurse, I got my butt together. I had my first successful day in the ER, and it was not bad at all. I met tons of new people, I encountered many new illnesses and terms that I had to research. And all that trouble I caused myself in my mind about a change that benefits, and will continue to benefit me in the future.

Our mindset about things can many times tear us down, break us down and cause us to settle for many things we should be advancing from.


I had many people ask me, “You think you’re ready for the ER?” and that set fear in my soul about my decision. That released worry and doubt about myself and my abilities. When, I knew I had reason and purpose for filling out the application in the first place.

Many times, it is unfortunate, but we must protect our hearts and minds by limiting what we say and who we say things to.


Especially when it comes to changing something about ourselves or the course of our future. Most people don’t like change, and that’s okay, for them. But for me (and many others) change is necessary. Change is anticipated and welcomed! I knew that making this change in my career would benefit my knowledge base, increase my experience, open new opportunities of meeting people and encountering different illnesses.



I needed this change to be one step closer to my idea of success. Being hard-hearted to change is not an option for me, because I know that God calls me to be something more and something greater in life.

I say all this to show that change is necessary, it’s inevitable and it should be welcomed. God wants us to be bigger and better than we could ever imagine, and to fulfill that image of us in His mind, we must be open to the change and movements He calls us to do. It might be scary, it might be rejected and discouraged from many around you, but God is in control.

He would not sow a seed in your mind if He did not see himself bringing it into fruition.


Trust your God, believe in yourself and progress. That’s what I did, and that’s what I’m doing.

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